Welcome to SOVE Indian Region

The Society for Vector Ecology (SOVE) is a worldwide organization with its headquarters in California, USA. SOVE has extended its outreach globally by opening its regional branches which have been successfully functioning all over the world. The SOVE Indian Region was established on 27th July, 2017. A membership drive has been initiated to enroll members interested in vector ecology, biology and control with the aim to strengthen the management of vector borne diseases in the region. Membership is open to students, research scholars, young scientists, mid-career scientists, senior scientists, technicians, programme managers, regulatory experts, industry and policy makers. All eligible persons are welcome to join SOVE Indian Region.


To promote scientific research, dialogue and discussion, exchange of ideas for better understanding of vector ecology and for effective control of vectors and vector borne diseases. Appreciating diversity in vectors and their bio-ecology at local, regional and national level.


To forge linkages between scientists, academia, programme managers, industry, regulatory bodies and policy makers for effective management of vectors and vector borne diseases.


There are five classes of membership in the Society for Vector Ecology (Indian Region): Regular, Retired, Student, Honorary and Sustaining.